Chandresh Pant I am Chandresh Pant. I am a Ruby on Rails Programmer, Web Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Trainer, Startup consultant, Hobbyist photographer, Linux Salesman & Mac user, Husband & Father. I love to develop out of THE box web apps, software applications, and websites.

Ruby on Rails Programmer

I started developing using Ruby on Rails right from its first version. Initially though I did more of “hobby programming” creating some utilities for my personal use. I become a full-time Ruby on Rails developer around April 2010. I have worked on many projects including E-commerce solutions, Reporting solutions, Social websites, Restaurant websites, Telecom Applications and Insurance applications. I have experience of working with startups, individuals as well as large corporations like Nokia (NSN), R-Systems, Hughes Systique (HSC) and Deloitte.
I usually do Test Driven Development (TDD) and use RSpec as my primary testing library. But I also use MiniTest quite often. For the Database I use Postgresql & MySQL. I have also developed some applications using MongoDB & Redis as the backend.

Web Developer

I am a web developer since August 1999 when I started developing web pages for a company started by me & my friends. Initially, I used to design web pages using Photoshop. But soon I realized that I am a more of a programmer than a designer and started focussing on web technologies. During last 16 years I have used ASP, JSP (& Servlets), PHP, ASP.NET before settling with Ruby on Rails for the server-side programming. On client side I am proficient in HTML/HTML5, CSS & JavaScript, though I consider myself to be more of a server-side developer.
Other than web development, I also developed some desktop applications using VB / VB.NET and Java.

Mobile Application Developer

I keep working on Mobile Application projects from time to time – including some hobby projects that I do. I primarily work on IOS Development projects and Swift is my language of choice. I am currently working on developing a Math application for Kids for one of my clients.
I also do Android application development as well as Hybrid App development.


I do Trainings quite a bit. I mostly self-trained myself programming and I know how to do it effectively. My trainings mostly include live code sessions and hands-on sessions. I am a passionate learner and a passionate trainer. I train with passion and include personal experiences as a tool for training. My trainings are usually more Hands-on rather than being theory driven.
Some of my major trainings include:

  • Ruby & Watir Training at Wipro, Bangalore
  • Ruby on Rails Training at Ericsson, Kolkatta
  • Online Ruby on Rails, Web Development & HTML5 trainings for E-Data World LLC, USA.
  • Ruby on Rails + MongoDB training at CMISOFT
  • HTML5 & JavaScript Training at Verizon, Chennai
  • Ruby on Rails Training at Deloitte, Bangalore
  • Ruby on Rails Training at iGate, Chennai
  • Ruby on Rails Training at R-Systems, Noida
  • Ruby + RoR + Sinatra + Padrino Training at Hughes Gurgaon.
  • Ruby for testers for IBM Bangalore & Hyderabad.
  • Various Ruby on Rails & Web development batches at CMI School of Learning (CMISOL).

Linux Salesman & Mac User

I am a Linux “Fanboy” and self appointed salesman of Linux since late 1990s. I am a user of Linux for well over 15 years now. Recently got converted to Mac OS; initially to learn iPhone development. But gradually started liking the “unixness” of Mac OS with polished interface. I still work on Linux daily, using vagrant on my Mac as well as on my secondary computer.