Chandresh Pant

My name is Chandresh Pant. I’m a husband, father, trainer, software developer, entrepreneur living in Delhi/NCR. I love to develop out of THE box web apps, software applications, and websites.

I am a PASSIONATE trainer. I mostly self-trained myself programming and I know how to do it effectively. My trainings mostly include live code sessions and hands-on sessions.

At present Ruby is my language of choice. I mostly develop Web Apps for clients using Ruby on Rails. Other than Rails I also work using PHP. I am also developing some mobile and web apps for myself. I also provide training and mentorship in Ruby / Ruby on Rails as corporate trainer as well as to individual developers / small teams.

I used to be a Linux “Fanboy” and self appointed salesman of Linux in late 1990s. I am a user of Linux for well over 15 years now. Recently got converted to Mac OS; initially to learn iPhone development. But gradually started liking the “unixness” of Mac OS with polished interface. Though I still code a lot on Linux through Vagrant.

In the past I have coded in ASP, VB, PHP, VB.NET, Java 2, JSP among others. I love learning programming languages and keep learning new languages. Some of the languages which I learned without actually working professionally in include: C, C++, SML, Python, Objective C. Though I do not remember most of the syntax (that was not the goal anyway), learning so many different languages has been a mind expanding experience for me. The next in line are: Lisp/Scheme & Smalltalk.